Blank Portrait on Blank Landscape.

9 Mar
Rainy Day at Kolkata (Trekearth)

Rainy Day at Kolkata (Trekearth)


So what is it about Kolkata? Anyone from Kolkata cant get over dissing the place as if it was some sort of ruinous blackhole where Life comes to die. If you talk to people from the so called Bigger Cities then you get another perspective (ofcourse laced with their own outlook on life) A dilliwalla would generally be sulking while you are driving to some place and say “ kalkatta mein hai kya yaar? What is there? Narrow roads, no malls, itni soiee hui si jagah hai” Which basically means that he was part satisfying the urge that all Dilliwallas have 4 times a day – “Put some one/thing down” If you ask a chap from Mumbai, he`ll say “Kolkata is good yaar, so much culture and all.” Which means he`s saying the same thing as the Dilliwalla but he`s a generally nicer chap so he looks for what is good and all.

Kolkata mainly has two large communities that are visible, the Bengalis and the Marwaris. That Bengalis are visible in Kolkata is not surprising. For anyone who knows anything about Calcutta, he`d also know that it is the largest city of Rajasthan. Yup that is indeed not a typo.

Just saw a car with a sticker that said – “West Bengal Government.” My driver alleged that It moved. I think it didnt. #summingup

One Response to “Blank Portrait on Blank Landscape.”

  1. culturegeekfashionoid March 10, 2013 at 5:05 am #

    “Calcutta is the largest city of Rajasthan”. LOL!! :)

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