Making Light of India`s Darkness.

1 Aug

This ad was supposed to be pun on the past intermeshed with the present. But this now reflects India Today and ofcourse India over the last Twodays. This ad could well be prescient in light of the dark events. (You must excuse the heavy pun on light) Power Struggles, I have seen in India, but this sort of struggle for power, not really. The ad does show a very poignant descriptor of the divide between Bharat and India where the rich have enough resources to light up their urban palaces (with no small help from the poor) while the poor remain in the dark, in the shadows of the light. Ajit Ranades tweet sums it up – In an unprecedented move, government restores connection between India and Bharat. For eight hours only.

Did Uttar Pradesh bring upon darkness on the country in the similar way that they generally do by electing the worst chipmunks to the Parliament? Or is it just that  lighting up all those elephant statues does consume a lot power? Oh but the fat elephant (Behenji) is no longer in Power (I know, I know. Power is quite a powerful pun today). So maybe it was the garages for Akhilesh Yadavs 20Lakh cars were the ones that consumed more power. Whatever it was. Its hardly the moot point.

Lets look at the power equation in India. When the grid stops, the Generators start running at homes and offices and factories. Power cuts are not exactly new to us are they? We have had the creatively named “Load Shedding” and what not for ages and are well prepared for it. What rankles is the fact that Diesel is imported, we pay for it with Dollars that we increasingly have decreasing quantities of. We subsidize it, thus bloating our deficit even more. Not to mention the costs. On the other hand, coal is ours, we have large reserves. Even the coal that we import for blending is at market rate and doesn’t cost as much as diesel. Its like having a wife at home and still paying someone else to nag you ! As that same wife will tell you, its bad home economics let alone national economics.

They changed the power minister the same day. And I thought that this government didn’t have a sense of humour. Its the most hilarious thing in the world. Ok, I agree that replacing one fat corrupt buffoon with another is not much of a change ! Ironically, a guy from West India was replaced by a guy from South India. No wonder North and East India suffered – neither had any political capital at stake !

It`s not an electrical problem. It`s a problem with our political wiring. If India was a character in a graphic novel or a comic book, it`d have a bubble with a broken light bulb rather than the glowing one. Pardon me for the Dark view, but  they were two grid collapses ! Its nearly as if someone said, “Uhuh, that’s how it works, lets try again.” Ek baar aur. The good bit though is that since Power Corrupts (inverse – Pawar is Corrupt), there was less corruption. That`s what we call looking at the bright side on a dark night.

2 Responses to “Making Light of India`s Darkness.”

  1. Usman August 27, 2012 at 10:06 pm #

    First time here. Just read your blog, and a few of the previous posts. Excellent.
    I’m no economist, but makes sense, okay some sense, to a person like me, who like your elephants, has little economic sense.
    Everything you say applies to Pakistan, where I’m from. Pick at random any multiplication factor, and I’ll add some more to make up a formula to get the full picture.

  2. mahikashyap January 10, 2013 at 3:55 pm #

    This is really an amazing piece of work from your side. I have read your some of other blogs they are also good but this one is really outstanding.

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