Is Kora Kagaz possible and all ?

17 Oct

I have always held the (rather facetious) view that no one any longer has a mann that is a Kora Kagaz anymore. And I dont just mean it from A Rajesh Khanna romantically inspiring Sharmila Tagore way. In any way. With being connected all the time, there is something thats always on our mind. And Mind, ofcourse equals Mann. As such, QED.

However, an earlier than early morning Parc Ferme at Tabo Helipad where it is so dark that you can hardly see your own car in the (meagre but promising) light of dawn does a lot to make your mann a kora kagaz.

Parc Ferme at Tabo Helipad. Raid de Himalaya

Parc Ferme at Tabo Helipad. Raid de Himalaya

The Himalaya`s as anyone would tell you are imposing, monumental and all that. Similar personality traits to dominating people, dont you think? So not only do they make wipe the slate of your mind clean, they also imprint themselves on you. This is either Wari La or Khardung La Pass as we head back into Manali via the Leh Manali Highway.

20131013_174008Enough of the soppy symbolism et al. Have a flight to catch and the strange Spicejet woman will not take too kindly to me being “later than 45 minutes prior” just because a blog was being writ by moi. (Yes,yes, presumptuous use of improbable old English and a lone French word is my way of adding literary value to this.)

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